Application of Limitation of Action on Cheque: Cassation Decision File No. 196228

This post summarizes previous decisions of the Amhara Regional State Supreme Court and Federal Supreme Court, Cassation Bench regarding the decision of Amhara Regional State High Court on the application of limitation of action on a cheque. Case              Ato Asmamaw Beyene Vs. Ato Asefa Negash; Amhara Regional High Court File No.: 01_31103, Amhara Regional Supreme...
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Cheque as a Proof of Loan

I lent 10,000 Ethiopian Birr to another person. We did not make any written agreement to that effect; he asked me in person and I issued a cheque and he has withdrawn it from the bank. When the time for payment lapsed, he refused to admit that I lent him money. He argues that there...
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One-person Company Under the New Commercial Code

The newly passed commercial code has introduced a one-person company. This new introduction increased the number of forms of business organizations from six in the old commercial code to seven; four partnerships, a private limited company, a share company, and the one-person company. But, in addition to these seven forms of business organizations, sole-proprietorship is...
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