About Us


ZEELAWS, the law office of Dr. Zewdineh Beyene Haile, is one of the leading law offices in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, affiliated with ALG LLP (Addis Law Group LLP), a Washington, D.C.–based law firm. ZEELAWS serves clients with foreign-related matters, such as sovereign states and their instrumentalities, including state owned enterprises. it also caters services for foreign nationals doing business or investing in Ethiopia, and Ethiopian nationals or entities working with foreign partners in Ethiopia or expanding abroad.


At ZEELAWS, our values run deep. They are not only principles we continuously strive to uphold, but standards we live by. ZEELAWS believes in the power and capacity of excellence through Teamwork, Integrity, and Accountability.


ZEELAWS attorneys and support staff not only prioritize quality of service, but also quality of character. Our employees hold themselves to a high moral standard and exhibit the qualities of honest, trustworthy, and well-grounded individuals.


We strive to use collaborative measures to address issues we are presented with. Incorporating diverse perspectives of attorneys and support staff, we come to well-rounded decisions and achieve the highest levels of professionalism.


We deeply value our clients’ collaboration with us and are very cognizant of our accountability to them. Thus, we believe in operating Openly, Transparently, Reliably, and Responsibly so our clients are certain about the work we do.

  • We are a client-centered law firm with emphasis on your needs and goals.
  • We understand the importance of communication with our clients and respond promptly to phone calls and emails.
  • We form long-term relationships with our clients and are here for you now and in the future.
  • We handle every matter with honesty and integrity.
  • We have access to experts in various fields to help us prepare a powerful case:
  • We have the legal expertise, skills, and experience to help you through every legal situation for the results you want
  • We have the resources available to present a strong case for the best outcome for your needs.