September 2022

Limits on Birr and Foreign Currency Holding in the Territory of Ethiopia (Directive No. FXD/81/2022)

Introduction A new directive has been issued by the National Bank of Ethiopia which establishes the conditions, limitations, and circumstances under which an Ethiopian, a resident of Ethiopia, a non-resident of Ethiopia, or any other person may possess and use foreign currency. Following the publication of this new directive, the Limits on Birr and Foreign...
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The Legality of Terminating Expat’s Employment Contract made for a Definite Period of Time

Case Summary This post summarizes a Federal Supreme Courts Cassation Bench’s Decision File No. 200687 between Ayka Addis Garment Investment Group PLC v. Ibrahim Aydogedu concerning the validity of the termination of a foreign employee’s contract of employment for a definite period that had been getting renewed for several years. Genesis Ibrahim Aydogedu, a foreign...
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