April 2022

Note on Administrative Contract and Arbitration

Part One Arbitrability of Administrative Contracts When it comes to arbitrability, there is no uniform application throughout the world; what is arbitrable in one jurisdiction may be non-arbitrable in another jurisdiction. In the United States of America, for instance, administrative contracts are arbitrable but not in many countries including Ethiopia. In principle, administrative contracts are...
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Application of Opposition Under Article 358 of the Cv. Pro.Cd

Can you please explain how the opposition, as envisaged under article 358 and the following of the Civil Procedure Code, is applied? As envisaged under Art. 358 of the Ethiopian Civil Procedure Code, a person who should or could have been made a party to a suit and whose interest has been affected by the judgment,...
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Tax Clearance Certification: Directive No. 147/2011

This directive amends the previous directive 139/2010. It defines a tax clearance certificate as a written document that verifies a taxpayer has paid or is paying his tax. This certificate is given by the tax authority upon application of the taxpayer. Conditions for application There are four conditions for the application for tax clearance certification....
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