Case Summary

The Legality of Terminating Expat’s Employment Contract made for a Definite Period of Time

Case Summary This post summarizes a Federal Supreme Courts Cassation Bench’s Decision File No. 200687 between Ayka Addis Garment Investment Group PLC v. Ibrahim Aydogedu concerning the validity of the termination of a foreign employee’s contract of employment for a definite period that had been getting renewed for several years. Genesis Ibrahim Aydogedu, a foreign...
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Registration of Shares Devolved by Succession

Case Summary This post summarizes a Cassation Bench Decision File No.177968 between Nazareth and Arsi Soap Factory PLC, and Nazrawi (Niger) Oil PLC vs. W/ro Yeshi Alemayehu and others regarding the registration of members that acquired shares in a company through succession. Genesis The two PLCs (Nazareth and Arsi Soap Factory PLC, and Nazrawi (Niger)...
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Application of Limitation of Action on Cheque: Cassation Decision File No. 196228

This post summarizes previous decisions of the Amhara Regional State Supreme Court and Federal Supreme Court, Cassation Bench regarding the decision of Amhara Regional State High Court on the application of limitation of action on a cheque. Case              Ato Asmamaw Beyene Vs. Ato Asefa Negash; Amhara Regional High Court File No.: 01_31103, Amhara Regional Supreme...
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